Illustrations / Stickers
I create single or series of illustrations, either in physical or digital format.
My services
I specialize in black-and-white graphic styling, occasionally accentuated with hints of color.
Single Illustration
I enjoy working with private clients and collaborating on projects to create something truly unique.
Illustration Series
It's always gratifying to work with public spaces, allowing the artwork to interact with dozens or even hundreds of people, helping convey the company's emotions to them.
Sticker Pack
Street art brings the greatest joy as hundreds of people can see them and absorb the vibe I aim to convey, and in return, express their reactions. It's priceless.
About Me
Hey there. My name is Mitya. I'm an Artist / Illustrator.
Murals, Street Art, Classical and Digital illustration that's what I'm interested in. I live and work in New York and are ready to solve your task here, in any other location in the US or abroad.
Excerpts from some of my projects.
How It Works
Considering the purpose, tasks, and target audience, I craft the imagery style, ensuring its visual representation effectively conveys the intended message.
Basing our approach on the stylistic direction, I develop several scenarios for the future image, selecting the most impactful one according to the set objectives.
During this phase, I execute the final illustration based on approved scenarios and sketches.
Final Approval and Layout
In the concluding phase, I conduct a final critical assessment of the work, refine any deficiencies, and prepare the layout for printing or publication.