Murals on the Walls
I create murals both indoors and outdoors, in private or commercial properties.
My services
I specialize in black and white graphic style with subtle hints of color, which complements virtually any interior.
Private interiors
I enjoy working with private clients and collaborating on projects to create something truly unique.
Public spaces
It's always gratifying to work with public spaces, allowing the artwork to interact with dozens or even hundreds of people, helping convey the company's emotions to them.
Outdoor Murals
Street art brings the greatest joy as hundreds of people can see them and absorb the vibe I aim to convey, and in return, express their reactions. It's priceless.
About Me
Hey there. My name is Mitya. I'm an Artist / Illustrator.
Murals, Street Art, Classical and Digital illustration that's what I'm interested in. I live and work in New York and are ready to solve your task here, in any other location in the US or abroad.
Excerpts from some of my projects.
How It Works
Based on the purpose of the area, tasks, and objectives of the drawing, I develop the stylistic representation, a visual image that perfectly fits into the space.
Drawing from the established stylistic direction, I generate several potential scenarios for the forthcoming image, opting for the most impactful option based on the specified objectives.
At this stage, I work with the finalized scenarios and sketches, meticulously elaborating on the details to create a comprehensive sketch for the upcoming transfer of the image onto the wall.
Transferring onto the Wall
Implementing the finalized sketch onto the wall and then applying a protective coat of lacquer.