Life's diversity, complexity, the beauty of nature, and its power all amaze me. But what truly captivates me are people and their stories. I enjoy observing them, learning their stories, listening, documenting, and sharing them. I believe each person's life is remarkable, intricate, and worth noticing.

Dealing with the quirks of human nature – resentment, envy, desire, anger, and non-acceptance – is something I, like everyone else, grapple with. Life's challenges, such as the loss of close family members, illnesses, or transportation mishaps, haven't sidestepped me either. I work through it all, striving to align it with my ideals – not an easy task.

I find my place in the human community in my reality, wanting to remember every crucial moment of my life, capture it in drawings, and share it. My life is constantly connected with others, both offline and, to a larger extent, online. I consider all these people my community, close souls, family. I want them to be part of my narrative, to see them, talk about them, celebrate their victories, and empathize with their defeats. I'm ready to devote my creative life to visualize this story, and that's the essence of my drawings.

I enjoy spotting pleasant, beautiful places with history, small fragments of the life puzzle, and recounting them. I also love discovering sometimes obvious things and patterns: what love means to me, when the desire to care for others kicks in, what friendship is. And of course, I want to document these on my map and talk about my small revelations.

I don't see anything more valuable in life than life itself, with all its complexities and joys. I don't know anything more intriguing than people; each of their stories is extraordinary.