Mitya Pisliak, originally from Minsk, Belarus, is a graduate of the Belarusian Academy of Arts, specializing in Monumental Painting. Having relocated to and actively contributed to the artistic landscape of New York in recent years, he is recognized for his proficiency on canvas and paper, street art and murals, encompassing classical and digital illustration, with a resulting output of silkscreen prints.

Pisliak's oeuvre pursuits delve into a nuanced exploration of human nature, scrutinizing their instincts as an animal organism: fear, passion, love, hatred, uncertainty, envy, courage, and anger.

In this exploration, the artist casts himself as the main character, as if writing a screenplay for a film about the life he wishes to lead. He models scenes of what is yet to come and reimagines those that have already occurred. Additionally, the artist's works feature characters from his close circle, including family, friends, and the creative community. Real-life situations that have transpired over the past few years also find expression in Mitya's creations.

In the artist's articulation: "The essence of my life is the acquisition of new experiences, the confrontation of internal flaws, and an unwavering commitment to personal development and growth. Each of my steps plays a role in what unfolds and precedes the future. Approaching the actions responsibly, everything can be an Art. I take charge of my life, refusing to go with the flow. I'll actively craft my reality, sketching it on canvas, paper, or mural illustrating each scene, leaving the door slightly ajar for adjustments."